How To Build Your Bridal Party


Congrats, love! You're engaged, and you have the excitement of another adventure to look forward to. You'll be thinking about your bouquet ideas, your catering choices, and your venue requirements soon enough, but it can be difficult knowing when to include others in your wedding day. 

If you're wondering when to ask your girl squad to be a part of your wedding day, I always advise that this depends on your timeline. If you're getting married within one year, the sooner the better. You want your bridesmaids and groomsmen to have enough time to plan with you and to prepare financially, as well as be able to celebrate with you throughout the planning process! If your wedding date is set for two years or later, I suggest waiting until you get closer to the wedding day. Things can change, including your aesthetic preferences and even your friendships. Unless you're absolutely certain of your group, you may want to add more or cut back the closer you get to your day. 

So, who should you choose? The people you couldn't imagine your day without! Family members and friends, college roommates, best friends since birth, and soon-to-be family members are all great options—but, remember that it can get overcrowded up on the altar if you include everyone. Focus on choosing the people who you couldn't foresee your special day going just right without having them by your side.

Most importantly, we can't forget how to ask your bridal party! I love a simple and elegant bridesmaid proposal box, with a personalized glass flute and a mini bottle of champagne. Want them to get as excited for your day as you are? Include a confetti popper for them to celebrate with you!

No matter how you ask your favorite people to join your day, it's guaranteed to be a beautiful affair with your loved ones by your side!