How to Shop for the Perfect Gown

Congrats! You're finally engaged and ready to start planning your perfect day. You've found the venue and picked a date, and now it's time to start thinking about your wedding day attire. Choosing your gown is a very difficult decision to make, especially when it's arguably the most important dress you'll ever wear! 

So, what do you need to do to make sure shopping goes just right? Below, I've created a list of the best tips to choosing the right gown and enjoying the experience!


Set Your Budget

You've probably started thinking about how much you can spend on your wedding as a whole, but it's important to consider the budget breakdown before you start shopping. You definitely don't want to go over budget, and there are some gorgeous gowns out there that will run the same cost as your venue! Before you start shopping, set your budget and stick to it. When it comes time to try things on, you can make sure you don't go over budget by letting your stylist know to only show you gowns within your price range!

Do Your Research

This may have been a dress you've dreamed of since you were a little girl, but there are still a lot of details to decide on. Do you like long sleeves or strapless? Lace or tulle? Once you've narrowed down your ideal style, it's time to find your ideal dress boutique! Research local boutiques in the area, find ones that carry gowns similar to the ones you love, and that will still be in your budget! Don't forget to research reviews, too. Social media is a great resource for finding other brides and their experiences at the salons you're considering!

Bring the Right Undergarments

Once you've chosen the dress boutiques you'd like to visit, it's time to prepare for the exciting day! You'll want to make sure you eat something, wear minimal makeup, and bring the right undergarments! If you're planning to wear shape wear on your big day, then be sure to bring it for when you're trying gowns! And don't forget your shoes, loves! Having the right heel height for trying on your gown is a must! Not sure on the right undergarments or shoes yet? That's totally fine! Your bridal stylist can help you during your appointment to find all the right pieces to help you look your best!


Cut the Entourage

For this very exciting moment, it can be tempting to include everyone in it! You'll want to bring your mom, your sister, your best friend, maybe even Grandma. However, it's important to make sure you're not bringing too many opinions to your appointment. For this experience, you'll want to only bring the people who will absolutely help you make the best decision! I always advise my brides to keep it to five people or less. If you really want to include more people, bring them to your fitting appointments, instead! That way, they're still a part of your wedding planning! (And yes, loves: it's totally fine to go by yourself!)

Keep an Open Mind

While you should definitely not stray from your set budget, it can be a good idea to try something out of your comfort zone! If mom or your bestie want you to try a ballgown when you have your heart set on a mermaid style, it's up to you to decide to try it on! Sometimes, a different fit, fabric, or even color can make all the difference. Just be true to yourself and your vision and you're sure to find something you love! 

It’s All in the Timing

Booking your dress appointment at the right time is the first and biggest step, loves. While all boutiques vary, your dress can take anywhere from three to nine months to arrive once you've ordered it. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to not only order your gown, but to shop for the right one, especially if you're going to multiple boutiques!

Remember, loves, this is supposed to be an exciting time! Don't let the idea of trying on a bunch of gowns worry you. You're sure to be gorgeous no matter what you choose! 

Need a little more personal guidance for your appointment? Take me with you! I'm happy to help my brides choose their wedding gowns and keep them in budget! For a stress-free planning process, click here to schedule your first consultation meeting with me!

Caroline Kalentzos