Talking to Your Bridesmaids About Attire... and Attitude!

We all know that your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life. With the right people by your side, that should absolutely be true! An experienced planner is always a great start to making sure everything is running smoothly from beginning to end, and every step of the way... but what do you do when the bridesmaids you've chosen are creating unnecessary stress during the process? Below, I've created some straightforward tips for talking to your bridesmaids about attire and attitude!


Personality Plan

While it's your special day, happy bridesmaids can make an even happier bride! Choosing the right people to stand by your side on your big day is no easy feat. Whether you've known from childhood who would be your Maid of Honor, or you're having to decide on recent friends and future family members joining you, you'll need to consider everyone's personalities and how they will function together. The most important thing to remember? Choose the people who you couldn't imagine your day without!

Have a Style in Mind

There's really no rule to how involved your bridesmaids can be in choosing their dresses. While you can absolutely have a vision in mind of what you'd like your bridesmaids to look like on your wedding day, the more input you allow from your bridesmaids, the better. You want your girls to feel comfortable and stylish, and so do they. Try having a conversation before the first shopping trip about style, colors, and fabrics, or bring the girls along once you've narrowed down your ideas to just a few styles so your Bride Tribe can help give their opinions from there!


Talk Openly About Budgets From the Start

It's normal etiquette these days for bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses and any accessories to complement the full ensemble. First things first: talk to your bridesmaids individually about finances, and work out a solution together that works for both of you. If a bridesmaid is worried about the strain of this important purchase, maybe you can offer to pay for half, or set up a payment plan for her! Most importantly, consider all of your bridesmaids and look for something that can work for every budget. Searching for a reasonably priced dress ahead of time (or letting your ladies choose their own gowns) can be a great way to have all your girls feel comfortable and excited about your day!

Don’t Forget the Cost of Alterations

A lot of times, my brides forget that alterations affect the overall price. When looking for your girls' gowns, don't forget to consider the cost of alterations for their dresses, as well. Have this conversation about alterations ahead of time, especially since some alterations can cost anywhere from $20 to over $200.

Weddings are meant to be a moment of joy as you start your new married life together with your best friend... but don't forget the importance of your other best friends! My best advice? Don't put off having the difficult conversations; that will only make it harder down the road. Invite your girlfriends over for a pop of bubbly, and create a welcome environment for them to communicate any and all concerns they may have. Once everyone is on the same page, the quicker you can get back to the fun of it all!

Caroline Kalentzos