The Why Behind The Brand

I believe every wedding should be three things: memorable, timeless, and stress-free. 

My time as a dancer taught me a lot of valuable lessons, but it’s the simple joy of orchestrating a beautiful performance behind the scenes that drew me to wedding planning. 


I promise each and every client I work with that all of the details will be confidently handled. 

I maintain a professional and friendly relationship with every client I work with, and handle all of the little details that make up your biggest day. It is my specialty to orchestrate a timeless day from beginning to end, and every step of the way. 

My favorite moment of a wedding? Seeing the newlyweds walk into their reception with that post-ceremony glow. They’re surrounded by their friends and family, all of their loved ones, and you can feel the pure energy and joy radiating from them as they express their excitement for their future together. It’s a moment that never ceases to move me, and it’s a particularly special moment for me as a simple measure of a job well done when I see the couple so happy on their wedding day. 

When you trust me to orchestrate your wedding, I promise to focus on the details that will make up your traditional and timeless day. I ensure all of my clients that their wedding day is confidently handled, from that first proposal to their grand exit and the getaway car to the honeymoon. You can rest assured that I am here to comfort you and provide endless advice to make your wedding perfectly special. 

I believe in providing you with my many years of expertise so you feel completely calm during the planning process, so that on your wedding day, you can look at your partner and all those around you, and know that everything is just right. 

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Caroline Kalentzos